Above: Starbuck Silhouette (2011), Deltree Arabella (2012) and Starbuck Saphira (2011) - Three Apollo babies!


 Below: Mares and foals of Starbuck Ponies

(Photo Deltree Photography)



Starbuck Showman (pend)

Sold to a terrific Home in Melbourne!!!

At 10:30am on 16th October, we welcomed Apollo's first baby into the world, when Flash presented us with a stunning chestnut colt

He is the prettiest little fellow, and so SO confident! I am so thrilled with him!

He's been christened "Elmo" because he's red and he loves tickles!

Elmo will be registered AMPS and APSB.


Above- Elmo aged 3 1/2 months

(Deltree photography)

Below: Elmo and his beautiful mum Flash - at 1 month of age.


Below - Elmo at 4 months of age, looking great!


Below - Betty (3 months) - Elmo (4 months)



Below: 4 months of age and first "photoshoot"... just like a grown up! 





Elmo has been sold to a fantastic home in Victoria with Tenille! I can't WAIT to see how he does in the ring down there!

I'm really going to miss this guy, but thanks to Facebook and modern technology he won't be far away!






Above - Elmo at 4 weeks. (Pollyanna Photography)

 Photo above and below - thanks to Deltree Photography - at 8 hours after birth


 Above - Elmo at 3 weeks of age! (Pollyanna photography)


Below: At 4 months of age.




Below - 1 month of age.



Starbuck Silhouette


Black AMPS/APSB Filly - For Sale - P.O.A.






Left: 2 year old Starbuck Silhouette with her father, Ambaura Apollo - in 2013 




 Right - Betty at 3 months of age! Look at that little head! Betty is now with Emma Cooper who took these photos and was present for her birth!

(Deltree Photography)



Another friendly little character! Photo - Deltree Photography - 12 hours old.

Below - can anyone see a pony?




Words can't express how much I love this filly!






 Above - Your ear smells lovely! May I kiss it?

I am thrilled that Emma Cooper from Deltree Miniatures will be owning this beautiful little girl. Betty has always been special to Emma, considering she was present during her birth, making her Godmaother!

I know she will be safe and loved at Deltree.


Photo right : Betty at 3 months of age. Just like a grown up.





Right - Betty as a beautiful 2 year old.
Deltree Photography!


 At midnight on 13th November 2011 we welcomed Betty into the world (aka - Black Betty). A solid black filly!

She is tiny and has a stunning little head. I am thrilled with her!

Photo Left - Pollyanna Photography


 Left - 24 hours of age. Can't catch me now!


Below - Betty as a 2 year old - Campbeltown Show 2013 

Left and below - Betty at 2 weeks of age. Oh, and she's a REAL character but the sweetest natured filly. JUST so FRIENDLY!  





Left: Betty as a 2 year old


Below and Left : Betty as a 2 year old!


Betty was awarded a 2nd in a BIG class at Sydney Royal 2014!

What a thrill and congratulations to her owner, Emma Cooper from Deltree Miniatures.

She did an outstanding job preparing Betty! I am so proud of her! 

Photo: Deltree Photography!


Left : Betty did it again! 

2015 Sydney Royal, 2nd Miniature Pony Filly 3 years and under!

Looking even BETTER!

Her owner, Emma Cooper has done a wonderful job preparing her!

She just keeps getting BETTER AND BETTER!


 Below - Buladelah Show 2012 


Starbuck Saphira

Elig for AMPS/APSB and Pinto reg - to be retained



 Above: Stud supervisor, Vala - welcomes 1 hour old Saphira to the world. I think this is my most favourite photo ever!

Photo by Pollyanna photography


Above: at 1 month of age.

 Below: Saphira at 3 weeks of age




Below - Saphira 4 days of age. Having a little snooze!

Below - Deltree Photography






 Above : Saphira having a little snooze!



Saphira at 4 months of age! 

Below Saphira as a yearling after winning Champion Filly at a Youngstock Show in 2012

She's QUITE the little lady now!





Above: Saphira - 1 hour old

Arriving somewhat unexpectedly on the 29th November is Saphira.

Saphira technically wasn't due until the 17th Dec, but she made a dramatic entrance into the world, 2 hours after Tina foaled unexpectedly! Two foals within 2 hours! Who would've known!

This one is another keeper. She is just devine! I FINALLY got my coloured filly AND she has her dad's trademark blue eye!

What an interesting day, but so WELL worth it! Mother and daughter are doing great. Photos by Deltree photography first hour after she'd been born! 




 Above - Saphira at 1 year of age.

(Deltree photography) 




Left: A lovely moment captured



Below: Saphira as a yearling and I at her first show. State Champion Yearling Filly!




 Below: At Buladelah Show 2012

Left - 1 year of age

Below - Rising 3 years of age


Left: Another beautiful photo of Saphira, rising 3 years old... by Deltree Photography 

Below - The Youngstock Show with Starbuck Saphira and Starbuck Silhouette taking out Champion and Reserve Champion! 


Pollanda Bundaberg Red

Sadly Dec'd :( 

Owned by Polly Ashby and Amanda Lantry

 Entering the world over 2 weeks late is Apollo's second baby, a beautiful chestnut and white colt, Bundy.

Bundy wasn't exactly a planned pregnancy, Apollo and his mother were being transported to a Show last year and she decided she should push my gelding out of the way and have her way with Apollo at 100kms an hour!

Bundy is the result, and his owners are thrilled - as AM I!


Right - at 4 weeks of age!

(Pollyanna Photography)

 This standing thing is HARD!

Below - 4 weeks of age.



 Below: At 5 weeks of age





Bundy's first attempt at standing, didn't go so well! He even has a collar of white like his daddy!



 All photos of Bundy courtesy of Pollyanna Photography - Bundy's mum!

Below - Bundy at 3 months of age.



 Above and below: Bundy at 3 months of age - showing he's the MAN! 



Crickhollow Calliope (pending)

Chestnut and white AMPS/Pinto Filly - Owned by Carrol Worboys











Look at that little face! She's a little ripper!



*I'm so lucky that I have such great friends who are talented photographers*






Arriving 3 weeks late into the world is Apollo's fourth baby, Callie, out of Charm Park Bridget (left)...

This one was worth waiting for.

Bridget, being a maiden mare, was something of an unknown but she has produced a beautiful baby to Apollo - pic below. - Photo at 3 days of age.



 Photos of Callie courtesy of Pollyanna Photography


Tina's tiny colt - born 29th November 2011

Without any warning, Forrest entered the world at 5:30am. The night before Tina had shown no signs of imminent foaling, and so surprised everyone. Forrest is by a stallion that Tina was running with when I bought her.

To me, he looked somewhat overcooked, and was quite weak and wobbly compared to Saphira - who was born 2 hours afterwards!

Unfortunately I had no due date as the idiots we rescued his mum from had no idea when the stallion mated with her. The first part of her pregnancy Tina had been FULL of worms, not fed properly and left to be wild, and it shows in Forrest's initial, early development. 

 At two days of age Forrest went downhill and needed veterinary treatment for a mystery high temperature and swollen muzzle/eye. Although he's still a bit behind Saphira, he is now improving daily and galloping around, driving his mum nuts!

He's a determined little bugger, and I'm happy that he's just HERE, yet alone doing well.

THANKS to Deltree Photography (again) Right - Forrest at 1 month of age, with his best mate, Vala.


Below: Forrest at 2 weeks of age and his mate, Vala - my stud supervisor.

The antics these two get up to have to be seen to be believed.





 Above: Forrest at a respectable 2 months of age. Finally starting to come into his own, and totally changing colour also!

Below - with mum, Tina.



Right and below: Kenny the day he came home


Left - Forrest at 2 weeks of age.

He's come along in leaps and bounds and you can't keep him still for more than a minute!

He's a total character now, very bold, very friendly, his favourite game is to run behind me and bite me on the butt! Pic below.



 Above and below - at 2 months, looking very sexy.

Below - Forrest returned to me in 2013 as his other owner had health issues and was finding it hard to cope. He has palled up with Kenny already!