Above - Starbuck Peaches 'N Cream 


Above - our babies nearly at weaning age.... In front, Chestnut Starbuck Ruby-Rose and Pinto - Starbuck Made to Order


Starbuck Ruby-Rose

Chestnut filly born 10am 15/8/15 

Arriving at a respectable 10am on a Saturday morning, is Ruby-Rose!

This beautiful little girl is a full sister to Starbuck Saphira and Starbuck Celeste, who have both been extremely successful in the ring.

At this point the plan is to retain this little lady.

She's a bit cute! 



Below Ruby aged nearly 5 months! 


Left - 24 hours old 

Below 4 days of age, and on the move!

Left - 9 days of age! 

Below - her full sister, 3 year old Starbuck Celeste!


Starbuck Peaches 'N Cream

Born 9/9/15 - Apricot Dun Filly 

The night before "Peach" was born a friend asked me on Facebook, "what would I love to get, foal-wise" - apart from the healthy mare/healthy foal scenario, I said to her that Bess owes me a dun pinto filly...

9am the next morning THAT'S what I got and I am thrilled.

What a little doll THIS one is.... she will definitely be retained by the stud.


Photos of her at 2 days of age 



Complaining to her sister, Milly - who really didn't care! 

Below - 3 months of age

Right - nearly 4 months of age


And she has a cheeky attitude to boot!

Another Apollo daughter to be retained by the stud! 

Below : 3 months of age after her first bath! She wasn't overly impressed!


Starbuck Made to Order

Red Dun pinto filly - Born 17/9/15

Born 4 weeks early - which is common for Flash, is my FIRST filly from Flash!

This little lady wasn't planned, apparently Flash helped herself last season to Apollo - I'd been planning to give her a year off. Back in May I realized she was looking awfully fat, I tested her and sure enough she was pregnant.

So this little mistake has turned out to be the best thing in the world! I am thrilled with her, and we FINALLY got a daughter out of Flash! More photos coming as she dries out! 

Below photo at 3 1/2 months of age
SUCH a little doll

Below - this one is a little teddy bear.

I love her so much. She's very special





Below 18 hours of age, enjoying a little scratch! She's such a cutie.