Starbuck 'Lil Devil (Pending)


Arriving on the 24th Aug 2018 - is Jaffa - A real little dude!

I was sure my other mare would foal before Jaffa's mum, luckily I returned home from work the moment I did!

This real little cutie has been sold already and will be going to his new home shortly with his mum.

Jaffa has a lovely personality - like his parents - and is a very correct and straight little guy!

Can't wait to see how he grows up!


 Starbuck Strike me Lucky (pending)

After a very dramatic birth, I welcomed our second baby of the year, a brilliant Chestnut and white colt with a blue eye....

Starbuck Strike me Lucky.

Strike was badly positioned with his head caught back and front legs presented. I honestly thought I was going to lose him, but my amazing bosses got out of bed and rushed to help at 1am

With a lot of care, they managed to push him back in and turn his head into position and Missy was able to deliver him.

Talk about a thumping big boy! 

Missy had a couple of very sketchy days after it due to shock and trauma... but luckily with even more care from my bosses, she pulled through and was able to enjoy her baby.

She was sore for a few days and I'm not surprised! Plenty of time, love, medication and dedication and she's now on the mend.

This little guy will be retained by the stud either as a stallion or a show gelding.

Love him! And he's a real dude!!

Born 3/9/18

 Starbuck Kryptonite (Pending)

And finally, the last foal for Starbuck for 2018 - Starbuck Kryptonite!

Yes! Another colt - but that's ok. I'm really thrilled with him.

From Deltree Miniature's stunning Glenelen Dynamite out of my beautiful Beyond Blue Pandora, Lex is everything I'd hope for from this mating.

Textbook birth, and a beautiful, correct and sweet little fellow.

This seems to be the year for colts, not just for me, but many of my friends. 

However I am not disappointed with my beautiful babies at all.

Lex will be retained by Starbuck as a future sire. He is a full brother to Starbuck Lady Kaitlyn, and a half brother to my very successful Starbuck Smooth Criminal.

Loving this guy!

Born 12th Sept 18