Foals 2016

Starbuck Copy 'N Paste

Palomino Pinto Filly

Born 1am 5th November 2016

Arriving at 1am was Pandora's much awaited second foal!

Evie is a carbon copy of her mum, only better! A beautiful palomino and white pinto filly! To say I'm thrilled is an understatement!

This one is a keeper, she's absolutely stunning!

Photo Above, right and below at 5 hours of age.


Starbuck Dun to Perfection

Red Dun Colt born 9th November

Kitty finally gave up the goods 9th November, a little unexpectedly whilst I was at work. Luckily I came home at lunchtime and found her and her little baby only around half an hour old!

What a cracker this beautiful little guy is!

A stunning red dun and so so pretty!

Better pictures coming soon!

Photos at 48 hours old!


Below - 10 minutes old!

Starbuck Dressed for Success

Chestnut Pinto Colt - Possibly Homozygous for Pinto - will test

Arriving at 1:30 am on 18th November is our final foal, a beautiful chestnut pinto colt, whom I have named Murphy.

Murphy is a full brother to Starbuck Made to Order and Starbuck Ion, and already a friendly little fellow.

He may be homozygous for pinto, so I will have him tested shortly.

Pics Below and right are at 3 days of age.


Starbuck Midnight Sun

Black Filly - blue eyes

At 7am on the 18th Sept, we welcomed the first Starbuck baby for the season. Matilda's foal finally arrived!

She foaled a beautiful healthy black filly with crystal blue eyes! What a surprise!

She's absolutely stunning!


Photo above at 4 hours of age

Left - 4 days of age