Starbuck Ion

Born in the early hours of 27th September 2013 - is Ion.

Unfortunately, Flash's foaling alarm didn't work for some reason and I MISSED his birth, something I was NOT happy about....

But I woke up at 2 am and thought that the alarm had been awfully quiet so I'd better go out and check, and there he was.

This little stunning boy has TWO blue eyes and the most awesome baldy face! 

I am THRILLED with this guy, he may just be my next stallion.

*Ion was the mortal son of Apollo* 


Could he BE any cuter? 

Right - Strutting his stuff!

Below - at 5 weeks of age!


 Below : Ion and Sienna - aged 6 and 5 months of age. Having an early run!


Above : 1 weeek of age!

Left: Giving mama a big kiss!


 Below - Ion at 6 months of age!

Left- strutting his stuff with owner Christine Burton at the 2015 Shetland Show

Delsharla Photography


Welcome Starbuck Sienna - Chestnut and White AMPS/APSB filly

Born early morning on 24th October 2013 was this beautiful filly out of Patience.

I am thrilled with this one! 








 Above : Sienna with her new owner at the 2014 Southern Districts Show in Nowra!

She won the overall best trot over mature ponies!!! I was so proud and thrilled that she's with such an amazing family!

Tess Peacock Photography



 Above and Below - at 1 month of age!

Sadly I was forced to sell Sienna's mum, Mirrabella Patience pictured left in May 2014 as she was suffering with Queensland itch.

Whilst it can be managed she got to April/May and was just distressed from constant scratching, so I made the decision to sell my beautiful girl to a cooler climate where this terrible thing will never bother her again.

As much as I miss Patience, she has given me a beautiful little girl who will never leave, and so far *touch wood* NONE of Apollo's foals have itched, regardless of whether their mother's suffered from this allergic issue.

Patience has a wonderful home in Canberra now.

Photo left : Deltree Photography

On 25th May 2014 Sienna attended her first show and came home with 1st Miniature pony Foal and 1st Shetland Foal!

She was such a good girl and behaved impeccably all day! 

We will attend another youngstock show in June with Sienna and Ion this time!

Photo left - Deltree Photography!

Below- 11 months of age! Deltree Photography!



Above: Sienna won Champion Mare / Filly!

Welcome Deltree Shadow Hunter

Beautiful Black APSB/AMPS Colt - born  7th October 2013

A solid black colt was NOT what we were expecting out of this mating! It was a 2% chance of this genetically!

But WOW! What a stunning addition to the growing list of babies!!!

Below - his mum, Pomanoz Queen Bee




Above at 2 months of age.

Deltree Photography! 

Welcome Deltree Aerial 

Apricot Dun Filly

Born  4am on 16th October - is this little stunner!

What a surprise! But a welcome surprise! This little filly is just gorgeous!

Starbuck Pony Stud will be leasing her mother for a 2014 foal (we hope!)

Aerial's mum, My Pegasus Elizabeth (Pictured Below)



Welcome Deltree Jasmine 

Black AMPS/APSB Filly

Jasmine was born a little unexpectedly in the middle of the day. Her mum, Joemoore Vienna was a maiden mare and therefore an unknown, but luckily I was home to assist and this little baby came into the world!


Right : It's obnoxious - but so cute!!! And FULL of attitude! 


Left : Her dam, Joemoore Vienna 

Mini Hooves China Doll

Palomino and white filly owned by Debbie Konig 

Mini Hooves Stud in Yass NSW welcomed the most gorgeous Dun and white filly in October 2013!

With two blue eyes, she's going to be a stunning baby!!

Below, her mother - Bold and Brass Lou Lou.





Arriving a little unexpectedly on 4/9/13 is Apollo's first foal of the season, a stunning little red dun tobiano filly, out of Weebelongs Fancy Flame - Owned by Krystal Springfield.

Can't wait to see this beautiful little baby all filled out!

SOOOOO Jealous that this is his first red dun! 



Great news! After a week of intensive care, lots of time and effort, our little patient recovered enough to go home!

I work with some amazing people and they ALL helped to get her through this!

She's a little fighter and doing amazingly! Everyone who saw her fell in love with her! 



7th September

* This poor little girl is not well. She's been treated at a local vet and I drove to meet them last night and brought her down to our clinic for treatment. Not 100% sure what's going on, but she really isn't in a good way. She could've been born a dummy foal, but she's very weak and on fluids and antibiotics.

We have been sleeping on the floor with her at work overnight, and crossing everything that she pulls through. 

Left - at the clinic the night she arrived.


Left - 1 week after being home! And going GREAT!

This one is a special little girl! 

Allera - Owned by Tricia Mackaway


What's better than one Apollo daughter in one day????

That'd be TWO Apollo daughters in one day!

I can't believe it! TWO coloured fillies! Congratulations to Tricia Mackaway and Mount Alexander Juliet, she foaled a beautiful coloured filly this evening, the spitting image of dad, down to the white markings on her face! 

Talk about jealous!!!!!!

AND TWO Blue eyes!

Stay tuned for new pictures!



Below - as a beautiful yearling!

Reserve Grand Champion at the 2015 IMHR Nationals!