Introducing Starbuck Salvation 

Black and White Pinto Colt 

I've been waiting for a black and white colt to arrive, and arrive he did on the morning of the 6th November 2012!

This little guy may also be a keeper!

His full sister is a beautiful yearling and I will wait to see how this little guy develops over the next few weeks!


Photo above  taken at approximately 12 hours of age. More photos coming soon!

Courtesy of Deltree Photography 

Below and Left - 3 weeks of age and already a little dude!

Right : Chocky and his half sister, Celeste (who is a month older than him, but born a month early)! 

Chocky is aged 3 weeks and Celeste is approximately 7 weeks of age.....! 

Photos Deltree Photography.


Above - 2 month old Chocky! 

 Below - Chocky at 3 months of age!

Introducing Starbuck Celeste 

Will be retained for the stud

Somewhere between 2am and 4am on the 24th October, Celeste entered the world. Thanks to her mum being a sneaky bugger, and a foaling alarm that worked when it felt like it...  I missed her birth by half an hour!

Her full sister, Starbuck Saphira, was born in similar circumstances! No warning, then BANG! Here's my baby!

Photo right - Celeste at 3 months of age!


No stopping her now! 


Above: As a yearling! Looking SUPER!!!

Right : Celeste giving me kisses. She's my baby girl. 


Right - Celeste showing her "Gangsta style" 




Celeste has been sold to a SUPER home in Queensland! 

Above: Her first show in QLD with her new owners, Reserve Champion Miniature Pony!



I am THRILLED with this one, she's just as stunning as her full sister, with beautiful markings and a gorgeous head.

I promised myself that I would allow myself to keep one of my babies this season. It might very well be Celeste!

Photos left : Pollyanna Photography!

Taken at 8 hours of age!

Below at 1 week - Deltree Photography


Left and below 1 week of age

Left : Celeste at 4 months of age... Being her usual curious self! 



Left: Celeste and her mum - 3 months of age!

Below with her brother, Chocky!

Left and below - as a Yearling!


19th March 2015 - HUGE congratulations to Mike and Jocelyn Williams - Celeste's owners for their win and Champion Miniature Pony Exhibit at Toowoomba Royal today!

What a massive achievement! I'm so thrilled for them! 

 Introducing Starbuck Symphony (Pending)

Romeo has been sold to a WONDERFUL home!


On the night of the 12th September 2012, we welcomed our first baby for 2012, a beautiful chestnut pinto colt, named Romeo (his mum is Juliet - so it HAD to be Romeo!)

He's tiny and perfect and I can't WAIT to see him filled out a little!



Photo taken at 3 days of age!

He's really taking shape and starting to become 

a real "Little Dude"

I love him so much already!

Deltree Photography.


Above Romeo at 3 months of age

Left - a lovely head shot of him by Deltree Photography.

Romeo left Starbuck Ponies in December 2012 to start his new life with owner, Tricia Mackaway.

I can't WAIT to see him out in the ring


Right: Romeo at his new home with Tricia Mackaway - aged 3 monts, after his first bath!

What a sexy boy! 

Introducing Deltree Arabella (Pending)


Right Deltree Miniatures welcomed into the world, Deltree Arabella this season.... as stunning dun filly by Ambaura Apollo out of Brosha Tiffany.

Her breeder has been dying to get a Dun filly out of Tiffany as she has, up until now produced 12 foals for 11 colts!

To say she was thrilled was an understatement!

This little girl is a ripper! 


Right: The moment Arabella arrives at Starbuck Ponies and meets Chocky for the first time.

Her mother, Brosha Tiffany is here to go back in foal to Apollo. 



Left: Deltree Arabella at 2014's Sydney Royal. Sadly Arabella wasn't placed, but received dozens of lovely compliments and looked STUNNING!

Left and Below : Deltree Photography