Pomanoz Flashback 

Reg - AMPS, APSB and Pinto 

It took me almost a year to convince Flash's owner to sell her to me, but the moment she did I bought her home.

Sometimes there's just something about a particular horse that just makes you fall in love with it, and that was Flash and I.

Flash (right and below) Taken at the 2013 Maitland Show - First show in 2 years!

First BATH in 2 years 

2nd Shetland Mare or Filly

1st AMPS Broodmare

Reserve Champion Miniature Pony Mare

              from Deltree Photography 


      I can't tell you how proud I was of Flash to      go out and do so well, considering she's just been a mum for two years! Shown here halfway through her next pregnancy!

 Beyond Blue Pandora

Reg'd AMPS and APSB


I owned Pandora from weanling till she was a yearling, but had to sell her to make room for my babies.

For the next year her new owner, Louise, campaigned her with amazing results, and she looked stunning EVERY time I saw her out in the ring! And YES, I regretted selling her.

Lucky for me, the opportunity came to buy her back when Louise had to make room for a new pony herself!

She has rejoined my stud a year later and will be here to stay!



 Below - State Championships 2013 - Supreme Junior Filly



    Above : October 2013 - Supreme Junior      Mare/Filly - NSW State Championship Show!

Deltree Photography

Thorpeville Taliese

Palomino APSB Mare

Joining the stud recently (2017) - is Penny.
Penny is a Victorian pony and a very pretty, big moving little girl.

She will be bred to Apollo in Sept/Oct 17 hopefully for a foal in Aug/Sept 18

I was looking for a pony to replace a little mare I had to sell south due to her suffering from severe Queensland itch here.

When Penny came on the market it wasn't a difficult decision to add her to my little family.

Right/Above - at Thorpeville Ponies
Below - taken during winter

More photos coming when spring comes!